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Hello, I am glad you’ve stopped by! Let me present to you the people I love that are involved with this blog. First off, Nina, my eldest daughter, she is the one who helps me cook and organize our small photography studio. She has a great eye for colors, arrangements and the theme for the photos! She plays a great role in our little team.

Secondly, let me say that I have the greatest and most difficult testers: my son Alexander and my youngest daughter Maria. They try all my recipes and tell me if we can add them to the blog. So far, not many have been discarded! I guess I’m not bad at all! Third but definitely not least, my husband, for I could not have managed it all without him and his constant support, technically and emotionally.

Lastly, myself. My name is Melanie, and I am very happy and pleased to share the pleasures of cooking with you! I was introduced to the joy of good food by my mother. My mom always liked to try new kinds of food, and she would bring me to many restaurants to enjoy a good meal. Happily, she got married and her husband was an amazing cook. I would sit on a chair and spend hours looking at Pierre cooking.

Later on, my passion continued growing stronger. Birthdays, celebrations, sick days, surprise party, Christmas, any excuse was good for me to cook. Today, I love cooking for my kids and family, but mostly, I cook for the satisfaction it brings me. I cook because I love the steps: mise-en-place, tasting, learning new technics and trying to replicate what I have eaten at different restaurants.

Cooking for me is like a very hot yoga class, a deep meditation session or a beautiful walk on the beach capturing breathtaking pictures. So the reason for another cooking blog is purely personal. It is a channel for me to discover the joy and complexity of food photography and the pleasure of doing what I love the most after my kids…Cooking!

Thank you for reading our blog and we hope that through our words and pictures you will feel the joy we are sharing with you.

My kids and I.

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